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Our Services


EMC provides professional book-publishing services for a totally enjoyable experience. Our author-friendly process and list of services include:

  • Creatively designed and attention-grabbing front and back covers
  • Industry-correct copyright page
  • Back cover content written to entice readers and buyers
  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • Reader-friendly and attractive page layout design and typesetting
  • Quality check for overall precision
  • Printing
  • Shipping
  • eBook creation

    For information about other services, such as ghostwriting, translations, etc., please shoot us an email

– Cover Design: A talented and creative artist will design the concept of your book cover that will quickly grab everyone’s attention. Knowing the psychology of colors, fonts, and style, the designer will create a cover that reflects your book’s theme in an attractive and impactful way.

– Editing: An American professional will edit your manuscript to the highest level possible of linguistic correctness, fluency, and biblical accuracy—assuring the most appropriate content for your target audience, be it national or international.

– Typesetting: Typesetting—how the content is placed on the page—is one of the most crucial phases of book production. The edited manuscript will be crafted into a professionally typeset book. Many independent authors ignore the importance of having their manuscript layout meet the highest international standards. Our typesetters are experts in formatting, font selection, and graphic placement that allow readers to focus on what matters the most—reading your book with pleasure.

– Proofreading: EMC sets high standards regarding the finished product. After typesetting, every aspect of the entire book is proofread from cover to cover and every word on every page between. The professional proofreader has fresh eyes to detect any errors, which will be corrected before moving on to the next step in the process.

– Pre-press Quality Check: During the almost 20 years of EMC’s successful business, we’ve perfected a system to provide superior quality that every client can expect. A very specific and detailed checklist allows us to very accurately control the typeset book on a page-by-page paper procedure. Only a few professional media agencies provide this particular service.

– Printing and shipping: Our printers work according to the highest international standards, for a very reasonable price. Should you prefer printing via KDP, IngramSpark, or similar platforms, we will provide you with ready to upload (and print) files.

– eBook Production: The eBooks we produce are .epub and .mobi files ready to be uploaded on the distribution platforms (Amazon, Smashwords, etc.), and they bound to the safe platforms onto which the author uploads the files.