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How to Create More Time for Writing - Evangelista Media & Consulting
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How to Create More Time for Writing

How to Create More Time for Writing

One of the problems writers complain the most of is the lack of time.

“I cannot write more, because I’m too busy.”

“I’d love to finish my book, but I’ve got no time”.

“One day I will find enough time/energy/desire to fulfill my writing goals.”
Well, sorry to crush your dreams, but your problem won’t disappear by itself. Stop postponing, act today. Time is not something you find. Time is something you CREATE. There are plenty of ways to create more time for writing. Here we suggest you 4 of them, that writers have often found beneficial:

  1. Wake up earlier. We all got 24hrs in a day, but you can boost your productivity by setting your alarm a bit earlier. How much earlier? Well, it depends on your deadlines, on your goals, on the word-count you want to reach, etc. You can start by waking up 30 minutes earlier, gradually increasing the morning-time you dedicate to your writing activity.
  2. Write on your commute. Most people spend up to 2.5 hrs per day on public transportation on their way to work. Why not use that time productively? If you drive to your office, try using a dictation app. Now that is a great way to overcome the bore of the traffic jam!
  3. Give up TV. At least for a while. How many evenings have you lately spent watching movies, instead of writing that chapter you care so much about? Yes, you want some relax time; but writing a book requires sacrifices. You can survive without television.
  4. Reduce Social Media. You would be amazed at how much time people waste scrolling their thumbs on their smartphone screen. Reduce your not-business-related time on Facebook and other platforms, and invest that precious time for finishing your book.

These are only a few of the many strategies to CREATE time every day.

Where there is a will, you’ll create a way; where there is no will, you’ll find an excuse.