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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about our services:


Who owns the rights of my book?
Authors will always retain 100% of their copyrights, publishing rights and distribution rights, when assisted by our team in the production of their book. Moreover, we guarantee the confidentiality and the respect of the intellectual property before, during and after the publishing process.
What is the percentage of royalties I am entitled to?
As distribution is kept under the sole authority and responsibility of the Author, we will never ask you a single cent on your sales (regardless of the type of format: printed book, eBook, audiobook, etc.). You are totally free to sell books when, where and in the way that is more feasible for you.
Why should I buy my own ISBN?
 The ISBN is a unique number that identifies your book worldwide. Besides being the Author, you are also the owner of the full distribution rights, consequently the ISBN needs to be your own.
What is the cost for your services?
We normally customise our costs evaluation according to the specific project and situation. There are many aspects to be considered when setting up a quotation: word-count, writing level, typesetting complexity, paper quality and kind (e.g. hardcover), possible presence of images, b/w or colour printing, etc.

We encourage potential authors in having a preliminary video-call with us (via Skype or alternative video-chat platforms) to know each other more. That would be the perfect occasion to show your detailed requests for us to propose you the solution that better fit your needs. In a time range that normally goes from few hours to one week, we can elaborate a detailed and customised quotation. Asking for an evaluation of the possible costs is for the Author 100% free, and totally not-binding.

I want to know more about it!

Shall authors follow already-defined publishing programs?
Our international team of media experts and creatives can potentially cover all the different stages of the production of a book (click here to know more about the kind of services we offer). Should you only be interested in specific publishing services among those we offer, we would still be happy in working with you. Nevertheless, we tend to recommend authors to fully entrust each operation to us, in order to grant consistency and harmony throughout all the stages of production.

You might propose us material realised by a third party (e.g. a cover designed by a friend of yours for free); we are fine with it, as long as the general quality is not compromised. We will surely suggest you what we think is better for the good aftermath of your book; in any event, as we don’t own the publishing rights but we only provide you with services, the final word is yours.

Why should I prefer your services over one of the many cheap online self-publishing systems?
Ours is not an automatised platform where you upload a content to be clumsily auto-paginated and then printed with an almost random cover.

We involve expert Christian editors that truly read your book and propose changes according to grammar, fluidity, readability, biblical consistency and theological solidity. We will also suggest you the best title and subtitle for your book to potentially carry the message in the most impactful way. After several editing steps, a different proofreader will read the final version of the book in order to catch any possible missed typo.

We professionally typeset the edited manuscript according to the highest internationally accepted standards. Since an excellent pagination is one of the signs of a great product, the whole book finally goes under a definitive page-by-page check.

We only use bought HD pictures for the cover design (they will be free for you, as we will only charge a fee for our creative activity). Our artists will elaborate a concept resulting in a graphically satisfying work that will carry the heart of the message.

As we offer a full and detailed assistance in the creation of your book, we should not be mistaken for mere printers; we will however guarantee an incredibly competitive price also on the printing process. If asked for a one-shot printing, the average print shop will charge independent customers (like you) much more than they will charge companies with whom a long-term agreement is made (like us).

Entrusting your manuscript to professionals will save you time (and hence resources), while having the assurance to get a high quality product that will help you delivering the powerful message your heart holds.