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Define Your Ideal Reader in 4 Steps

Define Your Ideal Reader in 4 Steps

Before publishing a manuscript, you need to have a clear definition of who your ideal reader is.

“But my book is going to be great for everybody!”

Nope. Aim to a specific niche, or the “everybody” will become “nobody”.

Who is going to benefit from the information you share in your book? If you fail to answer this question, you’ll probably have a hard time begging the wrong people to purchase your book.

We’ve put together an easy 4-step strategy to start defining your ideal reader:

1) Identify your genre and topic. You’ll promote a biography in a totally different way than a get-out-of-debts manual.

2) Analyze the demographics (age, gender, education, profession, marital status, etc.) and psychographics (habits, hobbies, values, spending practices, etc.) of your current audience.

3) Understand what are their main problems. If your audience has an URGENT need to learn from the information you are going to produce, they will SEEK your book. Find the pain/problem/situation your expertise can help to solve.

4) Profile your target persona by putting all the previous information together. Write a short paragraph you can refer back to during your promotion.

Define Your Ideal Reader in 4 Steps

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