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5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Write More Books

5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Write More Books

If you are a pastor, you should consider writing a book; your God-given message needs to be available to people even when Sunday service is over.

Here we share some of the many reasons why pastors should nourish the Body of Christ with inspired books.

5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Write More Books:

1. Evangelism: A book can reach people you will never meet and save souls in countries you will never visit.


2. Ministry Growth: Through a book, your God-given vision can get beyond the walls of your own church.


3. Legacy: With a book, you will preach to the generations to come. Paul wrote 13 books of the Bible that people are reading thousands of years later!


4. Maturity: Pastors who write books tend to become better preachers because the extensive research in preparation for the book will help him/her grow spiritually.


5. Depth: Writing allows a deeper immersion in the selected topic than a 45-minute sermon. Your message isn’t shrunk by a preaching clock.


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