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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider Writing a Book

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider Writing a Book

Writing a book could be one of the most thrilling and challenging experiences in life. And even if you are not (yet!) an author, you have the potential to publish a life-changing title. Starting from scratch. You can learn how to be a writer. In the next posts I will focus on that, but today I want to tell you some of the reasons why you should consider writing a book.

1 – To Leave a Legacy to Generations

No matter what personal background you have: you want to be remembered by those who will come after you. Your experiences, your  successes and failures, your ideas and your teachings are part of the spiritual legacy you will leave to the future generations. Verba volant, scripta manent, said the Romans: while spoken words might easily be forgotten, what you write will potentially stand the tyranny of time. A book can live forever, especially in the digital era we are living in, and will continue to inspire through the ages.

2 – To Be a Mentor to Others

You might be a pastor, a businessman, a social worker or anything else: whatever your activity is, chances are you have a specific area of expertise. Maybe you have followed the suggestions of a trusted adviser, and you want to be a blessing as well to others; or maybe you have never had anybody that believed in your personal development and guided you, hence you want to be the one that ignites passion in others’ heart. Writing a book is a unique opportunity to mentoring people and hence contributing to the progress of society.

3 – To Spread a Message You Care About

Maybe you have convinced yourself there is no area in which you could be called an ‘expert’. But here’s a fact: your interests make a difference in your life, and therefore they can make a difference in other people’s life as well. Your heart holds a powerful message that is only waiting for you to pour it out. Spreading the principles you follow and sensitizing on a matter you care about is a honorable service to others.

4 – To Improve Your Knowledge

Whether you are an appreciated speaker, a skilled trainer or a niche expert, you want to start the journey of writing a book by dedicating a considerable amount of time to research. This is a crucial and inevitable process. It doesn’t matter how deep your knowledge on the subject is: if you want to successfully reach new conclusions, you can’t help but carrying out a systematic investigation into materials and sources. What is fascinating in the researching phase is that the more you go into topics you thought you perfectly mastered, the more you discover precious details that were like hidden before. Research brings knowledge.

5 – To Build Connections

A book can be the best tool you could ever use to introduce your activity to others. It can opens doors you never dreamt of and make you reach people you didn’t even know. A book is an incredible opportunity to boost your sphere of influence; it will allow you to build impactful connections with people that hold your very heart, your very passion, your very ideals, your very life goals.