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We are constantly looking for fresh, God-given messages for a possible publishing.

The Lord showed us that there are, worldwide, children of God who hear the Holy Spirit speaking, but they do not know how to have their messages put in a book and hence released. Today most publishers tend to publish already-known and affirmed authors, only, while they neglect those who are not known, yet.

In year 2000, under the leading of Don Nori Sr., Founder of Destiny Image Inc., that published and made known authors such as T.D. Jakes, Myles Munroe, Tommy Tenney and many others, my wife Sandra and I started Destiny Image Europe, now Evangelista Media, with the aim of giving voice to authors, regardless on whether they are known or not.

We have published, up to date, tens and tens of authors and are presenting and distributing their books, e-books and multi medial products in general, worldwide. Some of these products became bestsellers and have been reproduced several times.

Our products have a worldwide visibility as they are made available on the most important global platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, STL Distribution, Trust Media and so many others, while our reps and sales people present them at international book-fairs, to distributors, bookstore-chains, independent bookstores, ministries and churches in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

I like to quote my good friend Don Nori Sr. when he says, those who write live for ever as they leave a legacy to the next generations.

Join us and let us work together Changing The World One Book at a Time™.

Pastor Pietro Evangelista,  Publisher