What Every Saint Needs to Know About Lucifer


Today every Christian is automatically in a war between good and evil. Hence, have you ever wondered:

  • Why the devil hates Christians?
  • Why does God allow satan to exist?
  • Where the giants came from?
  • What was the point of Christ coming to Earth and being ignobly killed on a cross?
  • Why it seems that satan is increasing his hold on mankind today more than ever before?

Considering that we are descendants of Adam and Eve, why do scientists attempt to predate the Earth to several million years when our present history only spans 6000-plus years? Within this book are the answers to these questions and many more. No one is exempt or excused from this choiceone that will determine in which Kingdom you will finally reside.

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Judy Flanagan is born in England at the end of WW11, then emigrated to N Rhodesia, where later she met & married world champion sportsman Kevin Flanagan. They moved to South Africa and raised four children and ran a country newspaper and Printing works until Kevin died in 1997. Judy spent years ministering to children in schools; then moved to East Griqualand where she started a Christian Centre Church. She presently resides on her son Neil’s macadamia nut and game farm in Kwa Zulu Natal.


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