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The End of the World


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Are you prepared for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

A true understanding of the signs of the end-times will fill you with Holy Spirit fire to boldly declare and stand firm in your beliefs.

The End of the World is a comprehensive study of what must happen before Jesus returns—and dispels many current misinterpretations of the Bible regarding the end times.

The Bible, and especially the book of Revelation, is a mystery to many believers—no more. The End of the World solves many of those mysteries including how to:

  • Recognize the signs of the times.
  • Understand biblical prophecy.
  • Reform an “escapist mentality.”
  • Identify the antichrist.
  • Avoid the mark of the beast.
  • Know when Jesus will return.
  • Know when the rapture of the Church will take place.

The End of the World reveals the very urgent need to awaken believers to their role in knowing and sharing the truth about how current world events are fulfilling the signs of the end times. You will be provoked into a greater awe regarding the return of Christ—and a greater desire to live for Him wholeheartedly today!

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NEEDHAM MATTHEWOriginally from New Zealand, Matthew Needham is an international evangelist called by God at the age of 16 to step out in faith and begin proclaiming the gospel. His passion is to reveal the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who are living in spiritual darkness. Currently he ministers throughout Asia and Africa; his love for the Lord and for the salvation of lost souls is bringing many into the kingdom of God.






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