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The Anointing


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The Anointing has been written with you in mind as a child of God with God’s special purpose. The anointing is for you—but it is your responsibility to ask God for it, just as it is your obligation to learn how God works through the anointing to achieve His will in your life. Apostle John King Hill has written a powerful book containing lessons he has learned about the anointing over the years, often at great personal cost, through obedience and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

In The Anointing, you will find many keys to receiving the provisions and promises of God, and answers to questions you may have about how the power of God really works. These keys include:

-The purpose of the anointing
-How to receive the promise of the anointing
-The anointing and your destiny
-How to work with the anointing
-Seeing God’s will and purpose fulfilled in your life
-And much more

The Anointing is an invaluable handbook for readers who long to know the Holy Spirit, to walk in the anointing and the glory, and to pursue the miraculous power of God. Read it for yourself—and find keys to your greatest breakthroughs in life.

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Apostle John King Hill was ordained by Pastor Rod Parsley and holds graduate degrees in theology and ministry from Canon Bible College and Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He is, furthermore, the author of several powerful books and the founder of World Harvesters Outreach Ministries Conferences & Crusades, Inc. The call upon Apostle John King Hill’s life and ministry is to reveal God to suffering humanity through the Word of God, and by radical demonstration of His glorious power.


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