Praying in the Will of God


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Praying in the Will of God teaches seekers, new believers, and seasoned pray-ers how intimate communication with God, your heavenly Father brings:

  • hope and healing
  • authority and action
  • focus and freedom
  • comfort and calmness
  • prosperity and pleasure
  • solutions and serenity
  • excitement and encouragement

Never again will you wonder if you are “praying correctly” or if there is a “better way” to approach God. Praying in the Will of God shares with you 16 prayer principles including: prophetic prayer, prayers and dreams, praying to receive, the power of spoken prayers, how to pray on target, and 24 keys to divine prosperity.

Enjoying daily divine dialogue with God brings His promises into your reality. God’s Word is powerful and can shatter to pieces every hardship, revealing the abundantly beautiful life He designed especially for you. No matter how harsh or dry your season of life is right now, prayer is the answer.

Part II of Praying in the Will of God is a prayer manual providing powerful and practical prayers that work miracles and will awaken and stimulate your faith. Armed with these prayers you can confidently approach God and rebuke the devil. More than 70 prayers address everyday concerns ranging from stomach pain and blindness to legal matters and deafness, from spouses and children to malice and evil manipulations, from leg pain and headaches to voodoo and finances—and many more.

Your prayer life will never be the same after reading the divinely inspired principles in Praying in the Will of God!

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