New Life, No Sex, What Now? - Harris Yolanda

New Life, No Sex, What Now?


Lust and temptation are rampant in our world, but casual sex is no small matter. That is serious business! Celibacy has become the road less traveled, but why? Why aren’t more people — even Christians — willing to wait? And what about those who don’t plan to marry? Is sex off limits to them forever? Have you wondered about celibacy? Are you looking for a book that “tells it like it is”? Well, this is it! Nine women share their experiences with celibacy and answer the questions most people are too embarrassed to ask. Their answers will also help men to understand the women in their lives! There is nothing sugarcoated in these pages. So strap up your boots and let’s walk the path called celibacy.

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Product Description

Harris YolandaYolanda Harris is a woman after God’s own heart. Yolanda strives to help others understand God on a deeper level. She served in the U.S. Navy and currently works in the clinical research industry. She recently completed a two-year program at Faith Bible Institute (FBI), a ministry of Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, Georgia. The FBI course is a journey into the depths of the Bible, the essence of God’s true character. Yolanda currently resides in Hiram, Georgia, with her daughter, Madison Bryant.