Hope in the Storm Ipkeazu Ugo

Hope in the Storm – God’s Remedy in the Middle of the Global Financial Crisis


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What—or Who—is responsible for the global crises facing the nations of the world?

In December 2007, the Lord spoke to the author, Pastor Ugo Ikpeazu, through the Book of Revelation and revealed a seven-year global crisis commencing in 2008.

The Church—you—can be strengthened and expectant through understanding the Source and purpose of this worldwide shaking.

This book reveals the principles that will position the Church—and you—to receive wealth, stability, and peace during even the fiercest trials and set-backs.

God’s children are in this world, but not part of it. Through these challenging economic times, the Lord will differentiate His own—His Kingdom cannot be shaken.

You can stand firm and unafraid—you can have Hope in the Storm because of the revelations from God shared in this timely and most important book.


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Ugo Ikpeazu founded The Triumphant Ministry that establishes missions throughout Africa. He also serves as the president and founder of the International School of Ministry, the Climate and Enviromental Rescue Initiative, and the Royal Bible Institute, which has centers in Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda. He lives in Abuja with his wife, Dr. Akudo Ikpeazu, a public health practitioner, and their three sons.


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