• AriseShine-01

    This powerful book is full of inspiration and insights for women who want to step forward in their calling and shine for Christ—and for men who want to walk with women without hindrance or limitation.

  • Parental love-01

    Help is offered throughout the book for people who need forgiveness or need to forgive, those facing the challenges of single parenting, and all who are hurting from the lack of parental love as a child.


    God revealed that love is learned–not a random event. This book is a hands-on, no-nonsense perspective of what men need to know to become as God intended–happy husbands with happy wives.

  • ScriptFree-01

    The human spirit is the meeting point between Heaven and earth where this perfect plan can be perceived and revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.

  • Raising Kids of Increase

    This book is more than an informative tool for advancing your life, it is an exciting, practical journey of discovery for you and your children.

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