Jesus was born to be king; He came to earth as a king in order to make an end of all other kingdoms and governments in due time. And the gospel He preached was

  • Surprised by miracles- publicità

    Walking on water, healing the sick, changing water into wine, and much more are all possible now. As real-life stories in this book testify, such miracles are often surprising and sometimes confusing.

  • to live or to die_new

    From a battle to overcome suicide in his teenage years to an encounter with the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit, Matthew Needham became a street and nightclub evangelist, taking the light

  • Transformation

    Transformation is a powerful awakening for anyone being held captive with memories of abuse. Written by a man who was abused as a youngster, the author knows the pain—but also the joy of overcoming the past!

  • Gorgeous

    A beautiful blend of life story and practical teaching encourages every woman to get closer to her heavenly Father by stepping into a life-changing spiritual exercise—seeing yourself from God’s point of view.

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