God revealed that love is learned–not a random event. This book is a hands-on, no-nonsense perspective of what men need to know to become as God intended–happy husbands with happy wives.

  • ScriptFree-01

    The human spirit is the meeting point between Heaven and earth where this perfect plan can be perceived and revealed to you by the Holy Spirit.

  • Raising Kids of Increase

    This book is more than an informative tool for advancing your life, it is an exciting, practical journey of discovery for you and your children.

  • Encountering God

    This book was born out of an encounter with God, a fleeting moment when the author met with Him and felt His love and His grace in a very real way.

  • My Road Home

    This is the moving story of a secular Jewish boy from North London who was converted to Christianity and told by the “church” and his family that he was no longer Jewish.

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