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  • If You Love Me Show Me – Expanded Edition

    This book is a hands-on, no-nonsense perspective of what men need to know to become as God intended–happy husbands with happy wives.

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  • Entering the Glory Realm

    This book, with its biblical, historical, and personal stories of encountering God’s presence, is the practical tool you can use to embed into your life and the life of your church all that you have learned. It will create a hunger for God.

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  • Arise and Shine

    Arise and Shine establishes biblical foundations for men and women to work and walk side by side—supporting, strengthening, and making way for each other to shine.

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  • Are We There Yet?

    The author of Are We There Yet? explores the intricacies of preparing for the end times, current life-and-death scenarios, and how to choose the right path to eternal life.

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