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  • Generational Alignment

    Generational Alignment

    Discover the divine strategy revealed in the Old and New Covenants in answer to the Prophecy of Malachi and the Prayer of Jesus. You can bring healing and transformation to your city and nation as you walk in your God-ordained family, being aligned with Heaven and positioned to fulfill your Kingdom mandate and assignment.
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  • The Upcoming Move

    The Upcoming Move

    In The Upcoming Move, you will discover your position in these exciting times—let yourself be inspired by all the great movements of the past, and be ready to jump “spirit-first” into the future!

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  • Script-Free


    Script-Free is about the destiny of each human being, your destiny, written by God in the “Book of Life” and the power of faithful trust in Him that enables you to live it.

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  • Raising Kids of Increase

    Raising Kids of Increase

    This book is more than an informative tool for advancing your life; it is an exciting, practical journey of discovery for you and your children.

    Spiritual insights leading to financial favor, faith for miraculous living, inspiration for creative endeavors, and grace for generational wealth.

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  • Praying in the Will of God

    Praying in the Will of God

    Prophet Elijah E. Iwuji has been called with a prophetic mantle to heal, teach, preach, deliver, reveal, and expound the mysteries of the Word of God, as well as intercede for the saints of God. Having ministered in various churches, crusades, and conferences, his spiritual experiences are the backbone for his several well-received books. Originally from Nigeria, Prophet Iwuji and his wife Esther Nnenna oversee Rome Intercessors’ Ministry in Rome, Italy.

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  • Parental Love

    Parental Love

    Help is offered throughout the book for people who need forgiveness or need to forgive, those facing the challenges of single parenting, and all who are hurting from the lack of parental love as a child.

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