Publish Your Story

Hundreds of independent writers worldwide have entrusted our crew with the full production of their books, trusting our decade-long expertise while keeping 100% of the rights (and earnings).

From editing to printing, our team of publishing specialists will transform your draft into a professionally crafted book (for information about other services, such as ghostwriting, translations, etc., please shoot us an email).


– Editing: One of our editors (mainly from the USA or Great Britain) will thoroughly work on your manuscript, in order to reach the highest standards in grammar and readability. Our team will ensure that the content is made appropriate for your target audience.

– Cover Design: A talented artist will design the concept of the book cover, in order to easily grasp the attention of potential readers. By following the principles of the psychology of colors, the designer will create a cover that carries the main topics of your book in a beautiful and impactful way.

– Typesetting: This is one of the least considered, yet crucial, phases of book production. The edited manuscript will be crafted into a professionally typeset book. Many independent authors simply ignore the importance of having their manuscript layout according to the highest international standards. We’ll study fonts and graphics in order to allow the readers to focus on what matters the most: their reading experience.

– Proofreading: We set high standards. After the typesetting process is complete, the whole book will be proofread in its cover, typesetting, and grammar. A different editor, whose eyes are new to the content of your book, will easily detect possible typos and minor imperfections.

– Pre-press Quality Check: During the almost 20 years of our successful activity, we’ve developed a proven system to reach the quality standard our clients expect from us. A very specific and detailed checklist allows us to inspect the typeset book on a page-by-page procedure. This process is made on paper. Almost no professional media company provides this extremely valuable and crucial service, with the accuracy we carry it on.

– Printing and shipping: Our printers work according to the highest international standards, for a very reasonable price. Shipping within the European Union is free of charge. Should you prefer printing via KDP, IngramSpark, or similar platforms, we will provide you with ready to upload (and print) files.

– eBook Production: After the printing, we will produce the electronic version of the book. You’ll have a user-friendly e-book, produced in multiple formats for you to upload it in the major distribution platforms.