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  • Editorial services
    • Editing and Proofreading
    • Cover Design
    • Typesetting
    • eBook Production and Upload
    • Translation
    • Ghostwriting
    • Audiobooks creation
  • Writing Courses
    • Webinars
    • Customised lessons
  • Brand Marketing Consultancy for Authors

Editorial Services

Do you have an already written manuscript and would love to see it becoming a book, but have little time or experience to face the complexity of a publishing process? Our artists are thrilled at the idea of taking care of all the tedious (but dramatically crucial!) operations to make your dream come true! Do you want to digitalise your book to make it available in the eBook market? We will be happy to create an eBook for you, in multiple formats (Kindle, ePub, etc.) and help you upload them in several international platforms such as Amazon, iBook and others alike.

Writing Courses

Do you have a God-given message you would like to share with the world, but you think you do not have the adequate writing skills? Don’t throw your potential in the bin: publishing experts and writers in our team would be pleased to share some brilliant tip with you. Our customised courses, webinars and live lessons will ignite in you the passion for writing!

Brand Marketing Consultancy for Authors

Do you already have a book, but you have no idea how to promote it? We would be enthusiastic to build with you a strategic direction, for you to boost your sphere of influence and be able to deliver to many what God has put in your heart!