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The Divine Strategy for Healing Hearts and Nations

The Divine Strategy for Healing Hearts and Nations

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This has been and is the purpose of every outpouring, renewal, revival, and awakening: that our hearts turn toward our Heavenly Father as His sons and daughters, that like Christ the Son in the House of Joseph, we too may also be one generationally on earth, just as the Father and Son are one in heaven.

Because the purpose of His kindness is to lead us to repentance, His kindness in every move and outpouring is never a reward for our repentance, but rather because of our need for repentance: to be generationally aligned or one on earth, as it is in heaven.

Hence the spiritual disciplines that led to past and present moves of God, have generally never been sufficient to sustain and grow that which it birthed. In the absence of fulfilling the purpose of His Kindness, wineskins have repeatedly first broken generationally, as it was in heaven. Oneness must hence begin within the relational alignment where it first broke down.

In the webinar “Generational Alignment”, Pastor Reuben Seevaratnam has shared some gems about the relational foundation of the House that the Lord is building. May we walk in the Way of the Father, for our prayers to be heard, our sins forgiven, and our land healed.

 You can buy Pastor Reuben’s book, “Generational Alignment”, on Amazon.