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About Us

Who We Are

Dr. Pietro Evangelista, CEO and Founder of both Destiny Image Europe and Evangelista Media, is an appreciated Pastor and speaker. In his long experience as a publisher and as a Christian minister, he had the privilege to travel and hold conferences in more than 20 countries, thus creating an international network of experienced collaborators. Pastor Pietro’s core team is supported by tens of highly-skilled professionals and artists from all over the world, with our same passion for beauty and excellence.

Our Mission

During the past 17 years of blessed activity as publishers – with the brands of Destiny Image Europe and Evangelista Media – our team has given tens and tens of writers the opportunity to make their message spread. Most of them were first-time authors and had a very basic knowledge of the production processes. By publishing with us, their manuscript became a top quality product, which was given international visibility thanks to our connection with the world- wide distribution network. All of this was associated with the trustworthiness of a recognised brand behind which was a team of pastors and steady believers. Times are changing and most of the main Christian distributors are facing a serious crisis. The organized distribution as we knew it will soon become history, and not acknowledging it would only worsen the situation. But the incredibly good news is that now authors have a potentially major opportunity to emerge. How can it be, you might be wondering? Having to compete in a broader general market, the bar has been raised. Hence the only answer is: by granting high quality. Do you want to avoid to shrink your God-given message into a low quality product that could never reach the international standards? Our team is keen to help authors like you to acquire all the skills needed to publish a strong message in the finest way. Our hearts are moved by the desire to give wanna-be- authors the tools to achieve excellence, both from a technical-stylistic point of view and as of content. By not getting involved with a traditional publishing house, costs are ridiculously lower and you will keep 100% property of the book in its wholeness. Plus, you will not share a single cent on the sales with anybody. That means that all the proceeds are yours, and only yours. This is another great news that you don’t want to miss! Again, this result could be only achieved if the value of the message is conveyed by a professionally made media. This is the only way to stand out from the mass and resist. Quality is a matter of life or death – but it is not impossible to reach, if you know how.

What We Do

By using our global reach, embracing new technologies, and collaborating with authors at every stage of the publishing process, from design and editorial, to sales and marketing, to production and distribution, we wish to provide them with the greatest platform possible. At the same time, we fiercely protect our authors’ intellectual property and champion freedom of expression, ensuring that their voices carry beyond the page and into the folds of societies and communities around the globe. Our professional team of publishing experts is committed to helping authors realise their very best work and to finding innovative new ways of bringing stories and ideas to audiences worldwide.

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