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Do you feel the urgency to share your message with a book?


During the past 19 years of blessed activity as publishers, our team has helped hundreds of writers share their message far and wide. Most are first-time authors and had only a very basic knowledge of the production processes. By publishing with us, their manuscript became a top-quality book that was given international visibility thanks to our worldwide distribution network.

With the dramatic changes in the book industry, our team is now totally dedicated to helping independent authors having a top-quality product they can sell to their specific audience.

Choosing EMC to publish your book provides you with all the professional expertise without the headache of having to find a reliable editor, a proficient typesetter, a credible proofreader, and a well-established printer!

Some self-published books lack the quality, look, and even the feel of being credible and enjoyable. EMC considers it a privilege to produce a book that you will be proud to see your name on the front cover.

Authors who choose to publish with EMC have total freedom—you keep 100% of the rights and 100% of the profits!


Dr. Pietro Evangelista, CEO and Founder of both Destiny Image Europe and Evangelista Media & Consulting (EMC), is an appreciated pastor and speaker. In his decades-long experience as a publisher and Christian minister, he has traveled and presented at conferences in more than 20 countries, creating an international network of experienced collaborators. Pastor Pietro’s core team is supported by dozens of highly skilled professionals and artists from all around the world who share his passion for excellence and beauty.

The foundation of our business is trust, professionalism, dependability, and quality of a recognized brand behind which is a team of pastors, steady believers, and experts in their fields.


Larry Gentis – “If You Love Me”

Dr. Dennis Sempebwa – “Eagle’s Wings International”

Giuseppe Lombardo (turn English subtitles on)